Monday, August 11, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts and The Waiting Game

Modern Erie Canal lock at the Niagra Escarpmen...Image via WikipediaI am still awaiting the t-shirt blanks from American Apparel. Its been 10 days and Ive gotten no word, no tracking number. Nothing but an invoice. When will they arrive? Im desperate to get them in and make these shirts. I was hoping to have them for my Erie Canal trip-wouldve been (and still will be) a great promotional vehicle. I am packing my Buffalo T-shirt bumber stickers and plan on leaving bunches in strategic places on our stops (restaurants, taverns, bars, watering holes, beer gardens...) I really wanted to take a stash of shirts with me too (perhaps it could still happen. If I get shirts in today or tomorrow, perhaps I can find someone to bust out the logo shirts quickly. It could happen.
Ive also been looking into the Buffalo Indie Market for a future venue to shop the Buffalo T-shirt wares. They seem to be getting a fair amount of press and healthy crowds and they set up once a month or so at the Pearl Street Brewery.
Next step is plopping down some cash for the hem labels.
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Kathleen said...

I'm sorry to hear your shirts haven't come in yet.

When they do get printed, have you considered selling them somewhere in the airport? At my family reunion last year, one of my cousins from Hawaii wanted a Buffalo shirt and I told her to get one at the airport.