Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cast Your Vote for Buffalo T-shirts

Step Right Up and Let Your Voices Be Heard.
Swing over to The Voting Booth at Buffalo T-shirts and read the 3 pitches of our candidates. Do your homework and then cast your vote for your personal favorite design by clicking which one you like to see printed using the survey to the right of this post. The majority wins–maybe not in the Presidential Election–but it wins this vote. Vote Once, Vote Often! Well, maybe just vote once. Your three candidate are:

Palmer's Inn

City of Good Neighbors

Urban Wind Farm


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Monday, September 29, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts in the 'News'

Ive been trying to keep track of any mention online of our little shop here. Most recently we were mentioned on buffalome.com and syracuse.com. Ill do my best to keep this list updated, but if anyone come across something I've missed, I'd appreciate a post to let me know. Here's where we've been mentioned so far:


BuffaloMe.com: Featured Blog | 9.30.08

BuffaloPundit: BfloTees - Open for Business

Block Club Article: Buffalo’s t-shirt industry has another friend

Teenormous Adds Buffalo T-shirts to Their Search Engine

Syracuse.com: Bailout scams, Buffalo t-shirts and more

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A metaphor for the future of Buffalo, NY?

Is the Rocketship 7 tee from Buffalo T-shirts a metaphor for Buffalo's future? If you say so.
Actually, the idea for this shirt was formed from a childhood memory. My dad had our sailboat docked at the Marina and occasionally we'd slip up to the observation tower to fill up the gas tank prior to heading out. I always thought growing up that the tower looked like a crude spacecraft. Think Men in Black and the Worlds Fair Towers in Queens. Thats what Im talking about.
But some say its a metaphor. So, okay its a metaphor. A graphic t-shirt symbolic of Buffalo's upward swing.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Bills start 3-0. First time since 1992.

It’s been about 15 years since our team came out of the gate at 3-0 and their come from behind win Sunday was nothing short of inspiring. To celebrate, we’ve decided to take a-buck-a-win off each shirt. That’s $3.00 Off each shirt. Plus, buy two shirts and get free shipping. But hurry, this offer ends Wednesday, Sept 24.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts New Squidoo Lens

Im trying out Squidoo this weekend to get traffic flowing to my website. Heres my first real, true-blue lens for one of my shirts. If you get a chance add to the Favorite Buffalo Restaurant list.

Just a Light-hearted Look at Our Neighborhood

You Might Be From the West Side of Buffalo If…

Friday, September 19, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts: First Week in the Books.

The first week was a whirlwind. I didnt get much sleep as I worked on minor tweaks to the site and getting the site listed on PleaseDressMe and Teenormous, two of the bigger T-shirt search engines on the web. Great people at both places: patient, knowledgeable and all very helpful. Thanks to both!
I also updated my Google Analytics to point to my new site so I can track visitors and what not. I created a sitemap through Google as well to help my listings in search engines and finally, I researched keywords to hone my tags and html text a little bit to see if I can get in the top 3 for "Buffalo T-shirts". I may need to scale back on the number of times I use my name on pages. Overkill can be seen as spam to the googlebots (er, whatever they're called). Its a learning process.
The other thing Im wondering, and this will be interesting to find out, is this: Whats more appealing:
a) Free shipping
b) 20% off entire purchase, or
c) $5.00 off per shirt
Im leaning towards 20% off sounding much better. That'll probably be next months special for newsletter readers.
Speaking of newsletters...I need some ideas for that. Im thinking of doing a couple lists like Top 5 wineries in the Niagara region, Top 5 pizza joints (Campiero's, 888 Main St, I can't stress it enough!) in Buffalo, maybe hint on new releases, and add tips on increasing web traffic. Who knows. There might be some opportunities for business to swap links on it too.
I need a nap!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts Launched

We are officially open at Buffalo T-shirts!
The long awaited day has finally arrived. I uploaded the site this morning around 1am and so far, there hasnt, to my knowledge, been any hitches. Now the fun begins: the marketing. Getting people to the site-driving traffic.
Online plans consist of social networking on MySpace, Facebook, MyBuffalo and Twitter. Ill publish some Squidoo lenses (one for each shirt and one for the site itself), upload images and descriptions to a few of the t-shirt search engines and continue to market our wares to expats throughout the country.
Any suggestions out there would be appreciated.
Affiliate marketing maybe?
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Favorite Places and Things to do in Buffalo, NY: Fall

As our long, sunny summer concludes I was hoping to compile a list of things people like to do and places Buffalonians enjoy visiting during our Fall season here on the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Maybe a top ten of sorts. People often think we have two seasons in Buffalo: winter and winter. But for me autumn in Buffalo is one of the best of the 4, not just because the fall foliage turns a spectrum of colors or because every other Sunday you can tailgate at one of the best parks in the NFL either. It could be a simple thing like a hike through Chestnut Ridge Park to light the 'eternal' flame, or enjoying a Sabres game at JJ's (Casa Di Pizza on Elmwood Ave), or running the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. There's much to do in Buffalo during the summer months and I bet if we put our heads together, just as much to do and enjoy in the fall.
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Friday, September 5, 2008

buffalo indie market: Buffalo's First Sundae Flea Market

buffalo indie market: Buffalo's First Sundae Flea Market

Rats ass. this wouldve been a great gig to launch the shirts but Im getting them 3 days late. In any event, if you have any time, check out this flea market in Delaware Park Sunday, Sept 7.