Friday, September 19, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts: First Week in the Books.

The first week was a whirlwind. I didnt get much sleep as I worked on minor tweaks to the site and getting the site listed on PleaseDressMe and Teenormous, two of the bigger T-shirt search engines on the web. Great people at both places: patient, knowledgeable and all very helpful. Thanks to both!
I also updated my Google Analytics to point to my new site so I can track visitors and what not. I created a sitemap through Google as well to help my listings in search engines and finally, I researched keywords to hone my tags and html text a little bit to see if I can get in the top 3 for "Buffalo T-shirts". I may need to scale back on the number of times I use my name on pages. Overkill can be seen as spam to the googlebots (er, whatever they're called). Its a learning process.
The other thing Im wondering, and this will be interesting to find out, is this: Whats more appealing:
a) Free shipping
b) 20% off entire purchase, or
c) $5.00 off per shirt
Im leaning towards 20% off sounding much better. That'll probably be next months special for newsletter readers.
Speaking of newsletters...I need some ideas for that. Im thinking of doing a couple lists like Top 5 wineries in the Niagara region, Top 5 pizza joints (Campiero's, 888 Main St, I can't stress it enough!) in Buffalo, maybe hint on new releases, and add tips on increasing web traffic. Who knows. There might be some opportunities for business to swap links on it too.
I need a nap!
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