Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts and the Erie Canal Trip

Swiss Cyclist. Bicycles are considered a susta...Image via WikipediaYep, its still on. Erie Canal. Albany to Buffalo. 50 miles a day for 8 days. 400 miles.
I took my bike in to Rick's Cycle Shop at 55 Allen in Buffalo NY (ask for a free helmet with a new bike purchase) yesterday and picked it up today. It needed the 30 day tune-up for sure. The handlebars were loose, I couldn't downshift to the lowest gears (1-7), and half the other gears rubbed, skipped or derailed the chain.
Plus I need to shore up my front fender. We had rigged it with a piece of leather and a twist tie but I was a bit uncomfortable that it would cause injury. They are uber fenders from Velo-Orange.
So, it seems all good right now, but I need to replace my pedals (they hooked me up with a pair at Ricks) since the bearing in the platform originals had already been stripped. But Ive no grease so I have to get that tomorrow.
Other than that, we need to rent a van to take us and our 3 bikes to Albany and thats about it. Anyone with a truck drivin to Albany August 17th? Hey, Ill give you a t-shirt or two, c'mon.
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Buffalo T-shirt Fixins'

WaitingImage by bark via FlickrMaking a bit of a switch here and taking care of the shirt purchasing myself. Not a big deal really, it just gives me some more control over the first round of shirts. Im really excited about the printing. As a print designer, the ink on paper process is always a bit like Christmas.
"Will I get what I want?"
"WTF is this?"
BTW, I remember when I first debated his jolly existence. 1980. 6th grade. St. Mary's on the Lake 1st floor. Debating the existence of Santa. I was convinced, damnit. No way did my mom cough up the bucks for toys and gifts for 5 kids. Im sorry but you dont know what youre talking about.
But I Regress.
I wish I could screen print these myself. That was the original plan back in April!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts Ready for Production

Finally the day is here. Artwork is complete. Shirts are selected. Final rfp is out to the screenprinter. Once I get the quote, its 50% down and off we go! Can you feel the excitement? This turned out to be quite the process. What started out as an idea for a hobby turned into a brand launch and marketing thesis-so to speak.
Anyways thought I'd share the final artwork. The background colors are the shirt colors. overall I love where we are at with these. The Buffalo T-shirts logo shirts will retail for less than the other two for obvious reasons.

Here's the final art:

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts brand tee

Im kicking around this t-shirt for the opening. Just the Buffalo T-shirts logo. Ive gotten a good response concerning the logo–people seem to like the look of it. A bit industrial, a little raw. Its got something for sure. If I'm going to build a brand, it should act like one right from the get-go. Besides that, I like the way these shirts look. I want one. So I'll print 50 of them and see what happens.
Heres where you come in. Should I eliminate one of the original tees, pictured on the bflotees web site, and replace it with the Buffalo brand t-shirt? Let me know what you think. Also, what color ink/shirts do you like for the brand t-shirt:
1. cool gray/black
2. mustard/olive
3. blue on brown

UPDATE: Ive received the swatches. I am currently matches inks to the fabric. Plan to order shirts Monday from the manufacturer, American Apparel. Were inching closer, like this month!
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Turn Your Room into a Giant Camera Obscura

This is a fun project on a bored Sunday afternoon. Especially if youve got blank walls with nothing to look at but plenty of activity outdoors. Turn your room into a giant camera obscura and watch the world go by upside down.
Camera Obscura is also a pretty fun band out of Scotland.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts To Do List

PayPal Inc.Image via WikipediaWhile I have this window while my shirts are ordered and then printed I thought it would be best to make a list of the steps I need to take from here, if for no other reason than to make a post. So, here't go:
2. Photography. Can't do until I have shirts. And models. Maybe I can pay in shirts. Meet me at the marina, we'll take some shots and you get to keep the shirt and bask in short-lived online buffalo celebrity. My plan here is to shoot in the environment. The marina shirt at the marina. The windmill shirt at Steel Winds or whatever its called, the Palmers Inn shirt at the canal. yader, yader, yader.
1b. Website. With fpo images (thats 'for position only' for you novice players out there). I've started this already, got the basic wireframe put together. But Ive lots of shopping cart, paypal, order form questions that I need figuring. This is probably the next major hurdle and the top of the list.
3. Small Flyer. To flip on car windows. Im thinking rubber stamp on craft paper. Nice look and cheap.
4. Chalk. To hit the streets with the name and website around town. "Buffalo T-shirts".
1a. Order the labels. I forgot about this step. Thats why I make a list. This will take about 2 weeks to come in. Must order immediately.

What I have:
NYS Certificate of Authority
Shipping bags (int and ext.)
Hang Tags
order/invoice form
Paypal account

Am I missing something? Probably.

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