Thursday, July 3, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts To Do List

PayPal Inc.Image via WikipediaWhile I have this window while my shirts are ordered and then printed I thought it would be best to make a list of the steps I need to take from here, if for no other reason than to make a post. So, here't go:
2. Photography. Can't do until I have shirts. And models. Maybe I can pay in shirts. Meet me at the marina, we'll take some shots and you get to keep the shirt and bask in short-lived online buffalo celebrity. My plan here is to shoot in the environment. The marina shirt at the marina. The windmill shirt at Steel Winds or whatever its called, the Palmers Inn shirt at the canal. yader, yader, yader.
1b. Website. With fpo images (thats 'for position only' for you novice players out there). I've started this already, got the basic wireframe put together. But Ive lots of shopping cart, paypal, order form questions that I need figuring. This is probably the next major hurdle and the top of the list.
3. Small Flyer. To flip on car windows. Im thinking rubber stamp on craft paper. Nice look and cheap.
4. Chalk. To hit the streets with the name and website around town. "Buffalo T-shirts".
1a. Order the labels. I forgot about this step. Thats why I make a list. This will take about 2 weeks to come in. Must order immediately.

What I have:
NYS Certificate of Authority
Shipping bags (int and ext.)
Hang Tags
order/invoice form
Paypal account

Am I missing something? Probably.

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