Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The mosquito ringtone

What is it? Check this out, a tone outside the audible range of hearing for most people over the age of 30. This means that you can get phone calls and receive text messages in class or school without teachers hearing it.
Its also a quick and easy way to check your hearing. Mine must be failing-all those late-night concerts at The Pipe Dragon in the mid 80s I suspect. I can definitely hear the 49 and younger and I think the 39 and younger but it could be wishful thinking.
Its a joke right? I dont know but if someone can hear the lower levels, give me a shout with the level and your age.

Buffalo Tourism Stats

I'm in it deep now-getting through the data and statistics for the business plan. One segment of my potential customer base is the tourist population that visits our region every year. Ive searched high and low online and cannot find any real data on the tourism industry for WNY. Ive found this information for most other regions in the state but not for Buffalo Niagara. What does that tell me? Either our regional government doesnt think the tourism industry is vital enough to warrant a mention or they want to keep the information to themselves...I don't know but it's beyond frustrating to search and come up empty. I was hoping to delay going to the library and dig for the info but (and this is really ironic) it'll probably be faster than trying to do this online.
This info should be readily available to anyone interested. Tourism! Isnt this the next big industry, Cultural Tourism, that the city and region is telling the public they are going to persue? If so, then this information should be front and center on the appropriate site. Incidently, when I went to one gov't. site, I was a bit shocked that it didn't have an area for 'tourism and business' that would support local businesses and ultimately be a resource. Without mentioning names–they obviously have this kind of statistics available–why they don't share the info is beyond me and a bit backwards. I requested some information, so it could be that all you need to do is ask and you shall receive. So this rant could be for not. Ill keep ya'll posted.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Japanese Packaging

Wow, imagine this kind of packaging in WalMart. Japanese packaging always feels fun, youthful and energetic compared to american design that gets bogged down by corporate messaging and 'brand' missions. I'd love to able to create something so off the wall. Or rather I'd love an AE to be able to sell something so off the wall to a client.
See more and big thanks to James Bowskill.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reinventing the Drawbridge [pics]

A classic example of form over function.

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Tetris Shelves

Still a great game. That and Asteroids. Maybe I should design some rockin' shelves...

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Bobby Knight Golf Outtakes (NSFW)

Golf is a great game. I know the video outtakes are old...but they are still timeless and classic Bob Knight videos.

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Why Vote When You Can Bet?

The idea behind political prediction markets is simple. Lots of people wager on the outcome of political campaigns: Who's going to be the Democratic presidential nominee? Will the Republicans take back the House? And when the votes are counted, the winning bettors collect.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Buffalo t-shirts Business Plan

Today 4/22/08 officially begins the business plan writing. For the next week or two I plan on focusing much of my time to the research, creation , review and editing of my business plan for BfloTees.
Lets see if I can get through this gynormous project here.

Friday, April 18, 2008

SCORE one for BfloTees

Got a prelim phone meeting set up with the fine folks at SCORE (Buffalo office). Hopefully, they'll give me the guidance needed to keep me focused and on the ball with my business plan. The guy that called seemed nice. He caught me at a great time too, I had just started melting some wax down on the stove. Another bright idea of mine. I got lost in answering an email and next thing I knew I got a nice little fire on my hands! Luckily, Im cool as ice under those situations and took care of it without mishap...
except the small kitchen fire of course.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Giving Serious Thought

Thinking about doing this right and talking to the SBA or SCORE and creating a business plan. It'll be a ton of work and headache but will give me focus and real goals to achieve.
Im having fun finding places to put my link online AND got my first reply to the mailing list, so theres at least one person out there looking forward to my opening besides me.
Also waiting to hear back from my screen print partner. She is looking into creating an American Apparel account which would consolidate some of the process, making it a little easier to order shirts (although probably more expensive). I still have to talk money with her. If this goes the way I hope, we'll both be benefitting from it and I'd like to have a partner willing to share the risk (at least partially at first) by discounting the shirts or printing.
Took another walk yesterday down by the marina and Naval Park-great progress being seen down there and I couldnt believe my eyes: A BOARDWALK IN BUFFALO! Got pics to upload of it.
Spent some time browsing the history of Buffalo and found 2 or 3 interesting facts that will make great shirts! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Embroidered tags for shirts

I found someone to do some sample embroidered tags for me. Unfortunately, since Im new at this and not very bright, i shoulve looked into exactly what I needed. I got the samples and they look okay. I mean, the buffalo looks good, but the material is a ribbon type of stuff which frankly isnt strong enough to hold thru multiple washes...and a few of the ribbons were really bunched up around the embroidery. Oh, well. the lady was fantastic-very nice, quick turnaround...AND, isnt charging me for the effort...even better. If I ever need embroidery work, she'll be the first I call.
So, what am I looking for then? Im glad you asked. Essentially Im looking for a stitched label. Not something I can get in Buffalo, so Im ordering overseas-yep-mainland china here I come. But for 1200 labels for 200 smackers, its a deal I wont need to make for awhile. Perhaps by that time Ill find someone in buffalo to produce the labels. Check them out if your in need: Lucky Label
If anyone knows of a place, Im all ears!
What else...
Im still searching for a reliable, efficient, quality screen printer in Buffalo, NY to screen my shirts. Fingers crossed, this isnt a major hurdle I have to get over. I also have to make a decision on artwork and color of shirts. I have a dozen designs ready, but only introducing 3 to start....
And oh, yeah, money is running out.
I have pictures to post too. Sorry Im in a rush.