Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Embroidered tags for shirts

I found someone to do some sample embroidered tags for me. Unfortunately, since Im new at this and not very bright, i shoulve looked into exactly what I needed. I got the samples and they look okay. I mean, the buffalo looks good, but the material is a ribbon type of stuff which frankly isnt strong enough to hold thru multiple washes...and a few of the ribbons were really bunched up around the embroidery. Oh, well. the lady was fantastic-very nice, quick turnaround...AND, isnt charging me for the effort...even better. If I ever need embroidery work, she'll be the first I call.
So, what am I looking for then? Im glad you asked. Essentially Im looking for a stitched label. Not something I can get in Buffalo, so Im ordering overseas-yep-mainland china here I come. But for 1200 labels for 200 smackers, its a deal I wont need to make for awhile. Perhaps by that time Ill find someone in buffalo to produce the labels. Check them out if your in need: Lucky Label
If anyone knows of a place, Im all ears!
What else...
Im still searching for a reliable, efficient, quality screen printer in Buffalo, NY to screen my shirts. Fingers crossed, this isnt a major hurdle I have to get over. I also have to make a decision on artwork and color of shirts. I have a dozen designs ready, but only introducing 3 to start....
And oh, yeah, money is running out.
I have pictures to post too. Sorry Im in a rush.

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