Monday, February 23, 2009

Irish Shenanigans and Hullabaloo T-shirt

Our new t-shirt design is inspired by the best outdoor party in Buffalo-the St. Patrick's Day Parade. So good in fact, we've got two of them: the mainstream Delaware Ave parade and the old-time, authentic First Ward parade. Im more apt to hit the Old First Ward rather than risk getting in no holds barred fist-a-cuffs on D street, but if your game and a risk-taker, have at it.
St. Pats is about having some laughs, enjoying some libations belting out some Irish Folksongs and this tee hits 'em all. Plus, see if you can guess who we've made our Grand Marshal. We'll give you a hint, during the blizzard of '85 this Irishman told us all to "stay inside and grab a six-pack..." Words of wisdom.
Go to our Buffalo T-shirts website and pick this shirt up now for $16.99 (thats $5 off our regular price). But hurry, this pre-order sale price is only good until March 2nd.

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New "Irish-inspired" Design

Just in time for the big St. Pat celebrations we're coming out with a couple new t-shirt designs. The first is the winner of our voting booth. This design captured 51% of the vote. Modeled after the first tavern in Buffalo, NY, Palmer's Inn Canalside Pub, this t-shirt is sure to inspire. Of course we've taken creative liberty with this one, although there are a few truths:
1) Palmer's Inn was arguably the first bar in Buffalo, established around 1798.
2) Proprietor John Palmer was one of 3 or 4 people on the Buffalo tax rolls of 1800.
2) You most likely could've gotten drunk for a penny back then.
3) Depending on what piss you were drinking and from where, there's a chance you'd find yourself dead purchasing a couple pennies worth.
Other than that, we made up the logo, most of the name and added the tag from some old historical accounts. "Drunk for a penny. Dead drunk for two." Who knows, maybe we'll actually open this puppy up as a real establishment some day now that the waterfront is making some progress...
Head over to the Buffalo T-shirts website and pre-order this shirt at $16.99 ($5 off regular online price) until March 2. Shirts ship out March 4th. FREE SHIPPING TO BOOT!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good game, good game, good game, good game...

We finally found a shelf to call our own in Buffalo NY. We've just teamed up with CityLove Clothing of Buffalo and they'll be selling our wares at their retail loco at 830 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo (between Lafayette & Auburn). With that, you can use your Buffalo T-shirts $5 off coupon from the Buffalo First Coupon Book and get the above rocket tee for a mere $13.50! Slamming.
Im loaded up on goofballs. Goofballs, everyone, goofballs.
We are also looking forward to having CityLove push our shirts to the network of other stores they distribute to in the WNY area (currently somewhere around 12-18) and will keep everyone posted when we are in those locales.
I'm also working on selling some of CityLoves choicest on the Buffalo T-shirts site in the future.
And lastly, I'll be placing an order for the screenprinting of two new shirts this week-both just in time for my favorite holiday and pasttime.
Things are looking up.