Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts Gone to Print!

Big news from the Buffalo T-shirts office: I dropped off the blank shirts and the artwork to the screenprinter this morning. We are officially less than 2 weeks away from having printed shirts!
In these next two weeks I plan on finalizing the website and getting the paypal system up and running so that when shirts come in, I can get them online and offer them up to the retail heavens.
If you havent signed up for the mailing list, I recommend doing so now before we launch to get in on the free delivery on your first purchase and other special treats. It won't cost you anything more than giving me your email address, so youve nothing to lose. So go. Now.
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Buffalo T-shirts Canalways Trip

A week in the saddle and I still have feeling in my ass, thats the good news. The bad news is it was way too short. After all the planning and fretting over whether I had a bike and the equipment to take me 50-70 miles/day for 7 straight–boom, its done with.
We met some great people, saw some incredible sights and together with my two brothers travelled close to 400 miles over gravel trails and paved roads.
The daily mileage looked like this: 53, 53, 49, 72, 49, 57, 56 (389 total miles).
Greatest character was Blair at the Irish Harbor in Canajoharie, NY (image above) who filled our stomachs with meatball bomber sandwiches, pints of beer and Jamieson whiskey.
Other notables:
Worstest Town of them all: Medina (Depressing as all hell)
Nicest 'port': Fairport, NY
Best Camp: Oneida Lake
Best City: Albany (puts Buffalo to shame really)Best Bike Shop: Towbath Bike, Pittsford, NY
Worst Bike Shop: Dicks (in the Tonawandas) The name says it all.
Check out more pictures of our trip here and here.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts and The Waiting Game

Modern Erie Canal lock at the Niagra Escarpmen...Image via WikipediaI am still awaiting the t-shirt blanks from American Apparel. Its been 10 days and Ive gotten no word, no tracking number. Nothing but an invoice. When will they arrive? Im desperate to get them in and make these shirts. I was hoping to have them for my Erie Canal trip-wouldve been (and still will be) a great promotional vehicle. I am packing my Buffalo T-shirt bumber stickers and plan on leaving bunches in strategic places on our stops (restaurants, taverns, bars, watering holes, beer gardens...) I really wanted to take a stash of shirts with me too (perhaps it could still happen. If I get shirts in today or tomorrow, perhaps I can find someone to bust out the logo shirts quickly. It could happen.
Ive also been looking into the Buffalo Indie Market for a future venue to shop the Buffalo T-shirt wares. They seem to be getting a fair amount of press and healthy crowds and they set up once a month or so at the Pearl Street Brewery.
Next step is plopping down some cash for the hem labels.
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts Dives In

Lets get something straight, Im a designer. An art director to be more precise. I spend most of my days exploring ways to get the word out about other companies. They could be start-ups like Buffalo T-Shirts; a brilliant sporting repair company that will rock the hockey world--soon to be part of the Courtney Creative camp; or (and Im gonna drop names here so be prepared to be awed...) mom-n-pops that've been around awhile like the Bills, Toronto Blue Jays, NFL Network, DNC, Aussie Vineyards. The list might go on...
Anyways I want to let (all 3 of) you know, I just purchased the t-shirt blanks for the first round. Sure did. (!) Online at 2:05am Saturday morning 2008 (fittingly The Year of the Duck-Billed Platapenys). It is awesome and utterly ridiculous I know. Essentially I just paid for 165 t-shirts.
I wish Marv Levy could appear and inspire me. Wow, he just did. Go Bills.
Truthfully, this is a big moment for us (meaning me). Nothing to cheer about yet, but its a good, honest and dedicated commitment.We are making something happen...as small as that is, we are making a stir somewhere and thats something. We've shook a branch. Lets see if we'll get noticed.
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