Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts Canalways Trip

A week in the saddle and I still have feeling in my ass, thats the good news. The bad news is it was way too short. After all the planning and fretting over whether I had a bike and the equipment to take me 50-70 miles/day for 7 straight–boom, its done with.
We met some great people, saw some incredible sights and together with my two brothers travelled close to 400 miles over gravel trails and paved roads.
The daily mileage looked like this: 53, 53, 49, 72, 49, 57, 56 (389 total miles).
Greatest character was Blair at the Irish Harbor in Canajoharie, NY (image above) who filled our stomachs with meatball bomber sandwiches, pints of beer and Jamieson whiskey.
Other notables:
Worstest Town of them all: Medina (Depressing as all hell)
Nicest 'port': Fairport, NY
Best Camp: Oneida Lake
Best City: Albany (puts Buffalo to shame really)Best Bike Shop: Towbath Bike, Pittsford, NY
Worst Bike Shop: Dicks (in the Tonawandas) The name says it all.
Check out more pictures of our trip here and here.

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