Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts Ready for Production

Finally the day is here. Artwork is complete. Shirts are selected. Final rfp is out to the screenprinter. Once I get the quote, its 50% down and off we go! Can you feel the excitement? This turned out to be quite the process. What started out as an idea for a hobby turned into a brand launch and marketing thesis-so to speak.
Anyways thought I'd share the final artwork. The background colors are the shirt colors. overall I love where we are at with these. The Buffalo T-shirts logo shirts will retail for less than the other two for obvious reasons.

Here's the final art:

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Kathleen said...

I honestly don't like that a company logo shirt is replacing that Palmer's Pub one (or tavern, I can't remember exactly what it was called). But what do I know? I'm a graphic design failure who makes graphics for school tests all day long

Kathleen said...

Fair enough. I was always better at criticizing than designing!!

Buffalo T-shirts said...

I can appreciate that, but fear not, the Palmer's Inn t-shirt is just being delayed to the second run of shirts which will come out sometime in the fall.
Which bears the argument though: Isnt the Palmer's Inn shirt a 'company' shirt? Albeit fictional. Is one corporate because its real while the other imaginary? When does a theoretical logo cross the line? Ive often thought Palmer's Inn would make a great addition to Canalside--start with the shirt and work backwards. Has it jumped the shark? Hmmm...
As for the logo shirt itself, I hate to think that what Im trying to do is being identified as a 'company' ploy. While this shirt IS certainly needed on a promotional basis to get the name and brand established, its also just one guy designing t-shirts. Hardly a corporate giant logo shirt. However on that note, if I dont get the brand out there, its not going to succeed.
But more importantly, as a fellow designer Im sure you can appreciate the fact that I like my logo just as much as I like the artwork I did for the other shirts. Frankly, I want a logo shirt. Hopefully a few people out there will want one too. If not, well, they won't go to waste and Ive learned something.
Im taking a chance but this whole thing is a giant gamble and a slew of unanswered what-ifs. The decision to go with the logo shirt over the Palmer's was a difficult but necessary one. But knowing I was only delaying the Palmers shirt a few months made the decision alot easier.