Friday, July 11, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts brand tee

Im kicking around this t-shirt for the opening. Just the Buffalo T-shirts logo. Ive gotten a good response concerning the logo–people seem to like the look of it. A bit industrial, a little raw. Its got something for sure. If I'm going to build a brand, it should act like one right from the get-go. Besides that, I like the way these shirts look. I want one. So I'll print 50 of them and see what happens.
Heres where you come in. Should I eliminate one of the original tees, pictured on the bflotees web site, and replace it with the Buffalo brand t-shirt? Let me know what you think. Also, what color ink/shirts do you like for the brand t-shirt:
1. cool gray/black
2. mustard/olive
3. blue on brown

UPDATE: Ive received the swatches. I am currently matches inks to the fabric. Plan to order shirts Monday from the manufacturer, American Apparel. Were inching closer, like this month!
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