Friday, August 1, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts Dives In

Lets get something straight, Im a designer. An art director to be more precise. I spend most of my days exploring ways to get the word out about other companies. They could be start-ups like Buffalo T-Shirts; a brilliant sporting repair company that will rock the hockey world--soon to be part of the Courtney Creative camp; or (and Im gonna drop names here so be prepared to be awed...) mom-n-pops that've been around awhile like the Bills, Toronto Blue Jays, NFL Network, DNC, Aussie Vineyards. The list might go on...
Anyways I want to let (all 3 of) you know, I just purchased the t-shirt blanks for the first round. Sure did. (!) Online at 2:05am Saturday morning 2008 (fittingly The Year of the Duck-Billed Platapenys). It is awesome and utterly ridiculous I know. Essentially I just paid for 165 t-shirts.
I wish Marv Levy could appear and inspire me. Wow, he just did. Go Bills.
Truthfully, this is a big moment for us (meaning me). Nothing to cheer about yet, but its a good, honest and dedicated commitment.We are making something small as that is, we are making a stir somewhere and thats something. We've shook a branch. Lets see if we'll get noticed.
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