Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good game, good game, good game, good game...

We finally found a shelf to call our own in Buffalo NY. We've just teamed up with CityLove Clothing of Buffalo and they'll be selling our wares at their retail loco at 830 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo (between Lafayette & Auburn). With that, you can use your Buffalo T-shirts $5 off coupon from the Buffalo First Coupon Book and get the above rocket tee for a mere $13.50! Slamming.
Im loaded up on goofballs. Goofballs, everyone, goofballs.
We are also looking forward to having CityLove push our shirts to the network of other stores they distribute to in the WNY area (currently somewhere around 12-18) and will keep everyone posted when we are in those locales.
I'm also working on selling some of CityLoves choicest on the Buffalo T-shirts site in the future.
And lastly, I'll be placing an order for the screenprinting of two new shirts this week-both just in time for my favorite holiday and pasttime.
Things are looking up.

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