Monday, February 23, 2009

New "Irish-inspired" Design

Just in time for the big St. Pat celebrations we're coming out with a couple new t-shirt designs. The first is the winner of our voting booth. This design captured 51% of the vote. Modeled after the first tavern in Buffalo, NY, Palmer's Inn Canalside Pub, this t-shirt is sure to inspire. Of course we've taken creative liberty with this one, although there are a few truths:
1) Palmer's Inn was arguably the first bar in Buffalo, established around 1798.
2) Proprietor John Palmer was one of 3 or 4 people on the Buffalo tax rolls of 1800.
2) You most likely could've gotten drunk for a penny back then.
3) Depending on what piss you were drinking and from where, there's a chance you'd find yourself dead purchasing a couple pennies worth.
Other than that, we made up the logo, most of the name and added the tag from some old historical accounts. "Drunk for a penny. Dead drunk for two." Who knows, maybe we'll actually open this puppy up as a real establishment some day now that the waterfront is making some progress...
Head over to the Buffalo T-shirts website and pre-order this shirt at $16.99 ($5 off regular online price) until March 2. Shirts ship out March 4th. FREE SHIPPING TO BOOT!

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