Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Giving Serious Thought

Thinking about doing this right and talking to the SBA or SCORE and creating a business plan. It'll be a ton of work and headache but will give me focus and real goals to achieve.
Im having fun finding places to put my link online AND got my first reply to the mailing list, so theres at least one person out there looking forward to my opening besides me.
Also waiting to hear back from my screen print partner. She is looking into creating an American Apparel account which would consolidate some of the process, making it a little easier to order shirts (although probably more expensive). I still have to talk money with her. If this goes the way I hope, we'll both be benefitting from it and I'd like to have a partner willing to share the risk (at least partially at first) by discounting the shirts or printing.
Took another walk yesterday down by the marina and Naval Park-great progress being seen down there and I couldnt believe my eyes: A BOARDWALK IN BUFFALO! Got pics to upload of it.
Spent some time browsing the history of Buffalo and found 2 or 3 interesting facts that will make great shirts! Stay tuned!

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