Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Buffalo Tourism Stats

I'm in it deep now-getting through the data and statistics for the business plan. One segment of my potential customer base is the tourist population that visits our region every year. Ive searched high and low online and cannot find any real data on the tourism industry for WNY. Ive found this information for most other regions in the state but not for Buffalo Niagara. What does that tell me? Either our regional government doesnt think the tourism industry is vital enough to warrant a mention or they want to keep the information to themselves...I don't know but it's beyond frustrating to search and come up empty. I was hoping to delay going to the library and dig for the info but (and this is really ironic) it'll probably be faster than trying to do this online.
This info should be readily available to anyone interested. Tourism! Isnt this the next big industry, Cultural Tourism, that the city and region is telling the public they are going to persue? If so, then this information should be front and center on the appropriate site. Incidently, when I went to one gov't. site, I was a bit shocked that it didn't have an area for 'tourism and business' that would support local businesses and ultimately be a resource. Without mentioning names–they obviously have this kind of statistics available–why they don't share the info is beyond me and a bit backwards. I requested some information, so it could be that all you need to do is ask and you shall receive. So this rant could be for not. Ill keep ya'll posted.

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Auburn Kat said...

Maybe you can contact them if you haven't? They might have some good info that you are looking for.