Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random Buffalo NY Images from Camera

Last Summer (2007), Frank was in the West Side Rowing Club's Kid Camp where he learned to row. Thats him, third from bottom in the blue hat (is that the 3rd seat or 6th I don't know)

Heres another shot from rowing.

Heres Frank getting on the ice at Buff State, Jan 2008. Ive recently got back into hockey myself and thought it would be fun if Frank gave it a go. Hopefully next year well be doing skate n shoots together!

Abe patiently waiting.Shot in Summer 2007 at the Buffalo Historical Society.

There's that guy again. Summer 07. BHS.

I took this when I first got my camera with the macro lens. Up close and personal on my smoke. Ahh, schmokin, thems were the days. I quit in early Sept-coming up on 7 months April 4th.

All Work ©2007 David Courtney

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