Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wholesale Pricing

Heard back from the local screen printer yesterday. He gave a price of $11.50/shirt with American Apparel (AA) tees or 4.50 per if I supply my own shirts. After a little digging and signing up to a few places, I found and qualified for wholesale pricing of 4.13 per for AA shirts that retail for 15.00. Nice. Im not positive on shipping charges though...thats my next inquiry. Also, I applied for wholesale status with AA and am waiting to hear back. Ive heard their price is 3.90 per with no minimum. They are supposed to get back to me today.
Ah, American Apparel ships free (over $50). Hopefully Ill hear back soon from them and get this ship on the water.

The other place for AA shirts is here:

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