Friday, June 13, 2008

Screen Printer Update and BfloTees Stickers

I completely forgot to post this. I meet with the printer yesterday and she's a top notch craftsman, er craftswoman...craftsperson? Whatever, she's cool. She does great work and actually opened up an account for American Apparel shirts just for us. Plus, she runs her business on Buffalo's East Side. Local business supporting local business, thats what Im aiming for. It might cost a wee bit more out of pocket for me, but the benefits of supporting local business completely outway the slight increase in costs. Check out Buffalo First for more info on the benefits of shopping local. She also plays ice hockey, which is currently my favorite sport to play myself. But I digress.
I hope to put 50% down this weekend so we can order the shirts and-holy crap-put ink on fabric and do this thing. Am I right?
So what's this about stickers, you ask? I have oval bumper stickers (thats them up top) and I might have a stack of them at the Allentown Art Festival. Amy Kedron of Buffalo First mentioned she MAY have a table down there with information on shopping local and offered a small corner of space to leave a stack of fliers. Well, I don't have fliers but I do have stickers. So, if you're down there this weekend and see the Buffalo First Banner, swing by it and pick up the first piece of BfloTees merch-the sticker. It'll be worth something someday. Something like 13 cents, which is about what their worth now.
I may also chalk up some web addresses on the sidewalk s and sling small fliers on car windows...why waste the opportunity.

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