Friday, July 3, 2009

The Neighborhoods of Buffalo Typography posters

Our posters are in and online at BuffaloTshirts
The Neighborhoods of Buffalo map features each community depicted typographically: South Park, Elmwood, Bryant, Lovejoy, North Park, etc. Every neighborhood is designed and called out in type. Limited to 250 of each version, they are signed and numbered by the artist. The color combinations will suit any aesthetic from traditional (black on green), to conservative (brown on creme), to edgy (orange on gray). Great for home and office.
Printed on 11 x 17" heavyweight paper, they fit perfectly in a 16 x 20" mat with a 11 x 14" (true mat opening of 10.75 x 13.75). Shipped flat. Once these color combinations are sold out, they're gone for good.
$20.00. Shipped flat. Shipped FREE.

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