Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keep Searching for "Buffalo T-shirts"

WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 28:  Independent preside...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeThe past week or two, Ive noticed an increase in the amount of visitors to my site and was wondering to myself, "have I been pressing the right buttons out there that people are now responding to my marketing?" The short answer is, maybe.
The truer answer is: Probably not. So what is it?
The past few weeks as we creep closer to the Presidential Election, Ralph Nader has been spending money getting his name out to the public. One of his marketing ploys is the selling of t-shirts -- more specifically his "Buffalo T-shirts". Its an alright t-shirt: A standing Buffalo decked out in the colors of the flag with a dusting of stars. Apparently they're selling like hotcakes too. In turn, people are looking for them and most likely turning to google and yahoo to perform searches. They type in "Nader Buffalo T-shirt" and more often then not they come across one of my social networking entries/posts/profiles and - click - they stumble onto my site.
Now how to leverage this into sales is the question. Create a "Nader Buffalo T-shirt" of my own? Nah, not interested in doing that. Any ideas out there?

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