Wednesday, June 11, 2008

US/Canada Border Crossing

Buffalo Pundit posted an article on the border wars people have to contend with when entering the US and for the most part Ill have to agree. The US border patrol are the most power-hungry tools. Ive lived in WNY my whole life, I was born in Mercy Hospital and Ive never been arrested. Yet on my monthly trips to/from Canada to wine country coming back HOME is always a bigger pain in the ass then going to a foriegn land. I know, they're there to protect and serve, but every time we go over it goes something like this:
"Where, why, how long..." The standard questions up to here and then:
"What are you bringing back?"
"About a case or so of wine"
"How many is 'a case or so?'"
"Ummm, 16-17 bottles"
"Is it 16 or 17."
"Are you sure?"
and just to end it, "yeah, Im sure."
"How do you know these people?"
"They're friends"
"Friends from where?"
"Im not sure I understand the question-from Buffalo"
"Sir, how do you know these people?"
Yada, yada, yada.
"Sir, is this woman related to you?"
"Yes, she's my wife."
"Well, Why when asked did you say she's a friend."
(really because when coming back home I always feel like Im guilty of something and they are going to rip my car apart until I confess)
"Because she is a friend and the other two are also friends. We are all friends."
To wife: "Sorry Ma'am, he just considers you a friend."
Im not sure how that comment protects or serves, but since the prick has the authority to have my car disassembled, I smile and say, "Have a nice day, sir." as he finally lets us through.
Plus, I always pick the slowest lanes.

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