Thursday, June 19, 2008

Buffalo T-shirts Hang Tag Sneak Peek

I originally planned on canvas tags, but then it just didnt feel right and at $9 bucks a square foot to have them printed-too expensive for a hang tag. So we went a bit old school. Standard paper hang tags, stained with coffee and tea, baked in the oven to dry, flattened in a Websters Dictionary, then feed thru the Epson printer. I just did this sample in black ink. I like it so far. Ill play around with colors and see what they look like, but I can live with them like this. I would like to soften the edges of the tag to give it a more weathered look though. to work that? My first thought is to throw them in the dryer with a dryer sheet and some light rags. Not sure what that would do though, probably nothing.
I can rub the edges against the edge of my desk. That sort of gets it there, but too wrinkled.
Any suggestions out there.


Kathleen said...

Throw a few of them in a messenger bag/backpack/purse etc. and forget about them for a few days or weeks. That's what would happen to the 3 x 5 flash cards I was supposed to be studying for German class at Buff State.

Buffalo T-shirts said...

Someone mentioned taking a stack of them and running some sandpaper across them. I tried it out and it works pretty well.

Phil Miller said...

I was thinking sand paper as well, but it looks like you figured that out. Lets see what they look like when you're done.