Thursday, May 22, 2008

Buffalo T-Shirts and Affiliate Marketing

I just started reading about affiliate marketing to determine if this is an avenue that makes sense for BfloTees, Buffalo T-shirts and Design.
My initial, and perhaps, ignorant questions are:
Is there an affiliate marketing program that can group other Buffalo, NY stores together?
If so, can I review/select who I want to affiliate with? I assume so, but gotta ask. Obviously I wouldnt want to affiliate with an auto tire retailer. Unless I come up with a shirt or something that targets that customer base. Which would open the network to a whole other set of affiliates. But I digress.
Initial types of businesses to affiliate with:
gifts/souvenirs retailers
clothing stores
Buffalo hotels
tourism board
Buffalo arts, entertainment and recreational entities,
buffalo bloggers.

Im going to follow therandomeforest and his quest for affiliate marketing dominance. He's got a head start on me as far as research, but that's good-he's done all the legwork. Just sign up and follow him, ask questions and learn something new. Your mom would be proud.

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Forest Parks said...

Hey there,

Thanks for following me, it is appreciated.

I actually made my first 2 affiliate sales yesterday and am very excited.

Affiliate sales could work a few ways for you.....

You can easily affiliate with other websites to sell your own products.

As far as everyone is saying Pepperjam is the best for both advertisers and affiliates. You, I guess may be looking at becoming both. You can easily connect with potential affiliate and can make sure that your campaign has strict joing guidelines.... such as must be in the buffalo area etc etc.

However, it does not cost anything for people to display your banners so it's almost worth letting anyone promote you. You will pay a commmision every time a sale is made to pepperjam or whoever manages your affiliate program.

You could also promote other T-shirt companies on your websites and any sales that they make directed from your site would earn you a little money. Busted Tees is a very cool looking program available through Pepperjam.

You can join Pepperjam as a merchant, free, and find out what they can do for you. Here is my affiliate link:

Like I am saying.. the key to making affiliate marketing work is to only promote and push products and services that you believe in.

I'll be writing some more on the whole thing very soon, so expect an update.

Again, thanks for following me. Anything you need, just email me