Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Buffalo T-Shirts Advertising and Marketing Update

Just wanted to give you some stats from Google Analytics that may be linked to my higher google rankings. I say maybe because I'm also blogging, twitterin' and joining additional groups as I become more familiar with social marketing.
This info is compared to weekly averages two weeks ago(May 12ish):
My pageviews and visitors have gone up from barely a heartbeat to doubling in each of the past two weeks with the average visitor spending 4 minutes on my site. That's four minutes that my logo/business is visible, up front & center and essentially alone with a potential client.
That makes me think about a couple things:
1.) Is my 'brand' coming across the way I'd like it to? Have I given enough thought to this?
2) Can I do something to utilize this time more effectively? Perhaps with Sprouts.
By looking closer to the stats, I can see what the popular keywords used in finding my sites and where visitors came from (whether from a social networking site or twitter, my blog, mybloglog, etc)
A big thanks to Matt and his blog, People Like to Share. Matt's an expert in share marketing, copy writing and I suspect by this time, linoleum floor installation.

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