Sunday, March 30, 2008

Marketing Freebie Idea for Buffalo NY t-shirts

Did I mention I got my stickers in the mail recently? They look great and can't wait to give them away to friends and family (and down the road, some customers). I also had a nice little promo idea. With the purchase of a t-shirt, the package will include one or two stickers AND one old bills or sabres trading card. Just to reinforce the Buffalo aspect of the company. This is a nice and inexpensive hook to get people interested. Who knows, maybe that will influence a sale in the hopes of getting a certain card...or maybe not but its still a nice piece of cross promotion that cost me only .05 cents per shirt (or so). The image above are some of my recently purchased cards. Anyone want a 1981 Gilbert? Or how about Lindy Ruff? Then order a t-shirt and you might get it for free!


Kathleen said...

I wouldn't mind a 1981 Lindy

Buffalo T-shirts said...

You'll have to order a shirt next month. Ill make sure its in there!