Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Walk in Buffalo NY

Took a walk during lunch today and snapped a few pics.

I think this is the Larkin House that was recently purchased from a private school and being rehabbed into a private residence. Im guessing the missing door is being refurbished somewhere. That or its the new 'shabby-chique' bullshit thats making rounds.

Sign on my neighbors house rubbing in the fact they have a driveway that nobody uses while I have to park around the block because they took my spot in the street.

First robin sighting of the season, which means spring is on its way.

Here's another in the treetop. Actually its the same bird, different perspective. Gotta say Im impressed with the resolution on this digital camera. When I zoom in on these photos I can actually make out individual feathers. BTW, these trees are up there, 3-4 stories.

Now Im getting all Photoshop on this here robin.

Litter on the street. By the looks of it the culprit is just up the road a piece, its that fresh. I would have picked this up and thrown it into the trashcan just a few yards away but this hour I was in photo journalist mode. I was not there to change the course of events but to record them.
No, not really. I picked it up and threw it out–after I ate the tasty bits of course.
This is just before a mom and her baby walked by. I shouldve snapped a couple pics because the baby was in a furry bear coat (complete with ears) and strapped to moms chest facing me with arms a flailin'. Damn cute when they arent yours. But I felt a bit weird doing that so I balked, smiled and said hello. Maybe next time.

Just a block or so from my diggs is the Frank Lloyd Wright Heath House (I think thats what it is called). Whatever, some house some dude designed that some people get all worked up over.
I dont have time for this kind of trivial uninspired work, Ive got t-shirts to design.

Found this brass sign/plaque and connector on an old apartment building near home. Odd, it doesn't look automatic.
But if youre not going to trust the city, who are you going to trust, am I right?

Rocking it old school.

Rock on.

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